Coors Field

Rio Grande Restaurant/Jose Cuervo Distillery

Above are two spreads from a design strategy I presented to this client. They flew me to Austin, Texas to present this to a stakeholder from Jose Cuervo. I was invited a number of times to present this idea, both at Coors Field and Rio Grande. My strategy was to analyze the marketing data while doing a site analysis of Coors Field.

Mexican law holds an international right to use the word “tequila.” An extension of the Palisades production facility, Jose Cuervo distillery would produce a Colorado artisan spirit distilled from 100% Organic Blue Agave, hand made in small batches.

The distillery is separate and adjacent to the restaurant in the stadium. The inter workings of this industry is revealed in part through the external walls of the stadium. A glowing reflective light communicates warmth and a high tech-rustic sophistication in the restaurant.

The distillery activates the stadium beyond game days and Since it is accessible only from the outside the dining experience can extend beyond game days.
Rio Grande uses this location to bottle a private label salsa and other products. The dining scene is reminiscent 3-D billboard ad from an industrial age. The diners are active participants in the scene. Large scale neon letter forms are adhered to the curved architecture. As the sun sets in the west, the figures are lit from behind and take on a silhouette quality.