38th avenue

Problem: This urban, car-centric neighborhood is defined by the auto body shops and the lack of connected sidewalks. A businesses association seeks design concepts to bring foot traffic to 38th Avenue between Sheridan and Wadsworth Avenues.

Conditions: Crumbling urban infrastructure is common along this stretch of 38th Avenue between Sheridan and Wadsworth Avenues in Denver.

Response: An agency of change is designed in the form of an artist cooperative. The group is established to increase the already existing artist presence in the neighborhood. This action invigorates the restaurants and increase walking in the neighborhood. The artists are encouraged by the city to establish themselves in vacant properties along 38th Avenue.As the properties improve, they are rented out and the artists move on to another vacant property. Connections are made between properties and reach deeper within the neighborhood. An outdoor theatre is attached to a school for use during the school year and summer movie events. The neighborhood becomes less car centric and walking increases. Artists in the neighborhood have a more public voice in the form of gallery space. Restaurants and shops along 38th Avenue benefit from the introduction of night-time gallery events and theatre performances.Instructor: George Pond