Adams County Gravel Pit

Adams County Gravel Pit Film

Adams County gravel pit is a disoriented collection of fractured spaces created by dynamic processes. The aftermath of gravel mining is revealed in the site like an Anselm Kiefer assemblage of clay, earth, dried plants a dead earth battered by human history. Kiefer creates apocalyptic visions in the in challenging scales a layered expression of references, symbols, exploring creation and destruction. This film was made while constructing a rustic book, a reflection of the site. Through this exploration, a visual language informs potential design gestures.Landscape is embodied meaning; a compression of images that represent singular moments in time. Through their juxtaposition, images layered over time they reveal a network of relationships. Film is a perfect spatial medium to communicate the inherent complexity found in the layers of  landscape.Professor: Joern Langhorst