plants in performance


A neglected round-about in Denver’s Tech Center is an eye sore and communicates a negative message to clients and employees. 


This island spot is surrounded by asphalt is subject to traffic conditions: view shed safety, sun, and heat.


This sun-worshipping planting palette showcases the individual character of plants and melds them together as a harmonious team. The roundabout serves as a 360-degree herbaceous ‘theatre’ and provides a range of different views as one travels around it. People approaching the area are first greeted with a collection of plants that loosely emulate the sunrise (visible from the east entrance of the roundabout.) Then upon departure (via the west side of the roundabout), they enjoy a vegetative collection reminiscent of the sunset.Or team  focused on a number of plant performance qualities and used a combination of basic planting techniques to emphasize an overall sense of “generosity, abundance, and beauty.” By considering seasonality, coloration, structure/form, texture, natural lighting, and other such concepts we present the Denver Technology Center campus with a lively and dynamic herbaceous performance. This multi-act, vegetative ‘improve’ provides viewers with ongoing succession interest through the year. Our “Solar Bouquet” could be extrapolated into three-dimensional way finding devices: sculptural tubes with potential for lighting and irrigation.  Team Project, Instructor: Adam Clack