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“The Agency of Landscape and Metaphor in Conceptual Illustration”

Paper presentation:”The Agency of Landscape and Metaphor in Conceptual Illustration” Shaping the View: Understanding Landscape through Illustration 7th International Illustration Research/ Journal of Illustration Symposium Edinburgh College of Art

Spatial Models, Center for Faculty Development

Center of Faculty Development, 14th and Lawrence Street, University of Colorado, Denver through the fall of 2017.


sculpture, Walker Fine Art, Denver CO

Paper Skin Sculpture

Designed as a projection screen, this paper skin will be part of interactive experience at Walker Fine Art in Denver, Colorado.

One Three Dimensional Chair Process

Augmented Reality Sculpture, Redline Gallery, Denver, CO

Plein Air: Animated Field Books Class

Animated Field Books_Heavner As an illustrator, I have kept over 50 sketchbooks–and now my approach has been influenced by my experiences with landscape and film. This class builds upon my thesis and suggests methodologies for collecting data and seeing and experiencing landscape. Animated Field Books is designed for many levels: the visual artist, the landscape […]

mind the gap

The field of landscape architecture is entering a new era. I think I feel it. Recently, I was in Austin, Texas attending a conference on landscape architecture. At the last minute, I changed my choice and entered a lecture a few minutes late. At the end, when questions were voiced, Anne Whiston Spirn, the third lecturer […]

Salt of the Earth

My mom talked this morning while we were looking at this family photo. The subject matter looks like something something Dorothea Lange could have taken. I have been reading about my Ruddle and Heavner family history: the frontiersmen, the military leaders, and the farmers. There are many stories worth telling.  Some are simple and some […]

authentic place

I love to find three articles in  the Sunday New York Times, and juxtapose one against the other. On Sunday December 2, 2012, I found three articles about three people that situated my mind into a particular place. In the Arts section, actor Bill Murray spoke to a writer about his unpremeditated career.  Thinking about who […]

Phoenix: A Constructed Story

A city’s story is constructed much like DNA. Each DNA strand is unique and contributes particular notions regarding identity-a person or a place. New York Times writer, Fernanda Santos raises the question, “How do you continue to tell a city’s story if the remnants of its past have all come down?” It is possible to […]